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Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions that are practical, efficient and of high clinical merit.

  • Uniform reading and processing environment for all of your SPECT and PET cameras
  • Flexible, concurrent licensing scheme
  • Efficient Client/Server architecture using a central data and application server
  • Client runs on standard (existing) PC hardware with OpenGL Acceleration
  • Designed as the NM complement of modern PACS systems with extensive support for legacy cameras and data formats
  • Secure remote access with viewing/processing privileges based on logon credentials
  • Tight integration of the most common third party applications
  • Utilization of GPU for graphics and computations, maximizes performance while reducing CPU loads
  • Obsolescence protection to the future regardless of changes in instrumentation down the road
  • Vendor Neutral Solution
  • Universal Connectivity
  • PET/CT, PET/MR Fusion Apps.
  • OSEM3D Reconstruction
  • Bones, Gastric, GI Bleed
  • Hepatobiliary, Renal, Lung Vent & Perf with Lund Quantitation
  • DMSA, Sentinel Node, Thyroid & Parathyroid
  • Breast Imaging for BSGI/MBI
  • Veterinary Imaging (e.g. Equine)
  • CerSPECT
  • NeuroGram
  • DaTscan/TroDat
  • First Pass, MUGA
  • Planar and SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI)
  • CardioGam Quantitation
  • Cedars QPS/QGS Companion
  • INVIA Corridor 4DM SPECT
  • Syntermed EMORY Cardiac Toolbox

Gives the perfect Solutions that never gives up

Our software is integrated in many fine OEM products serving the Nuclear Medicine and Radiology markets.


  • Vendor neutral solution for hybrid or separate scanners
  • Hybrid reconstruction with CTAC attenuation correction
  • OSEM3D Iterative reconstruction with resolution recovery
  • Scatter correction for multiple energy window acquisitions
  • Fast and robust automated SPECT/CT registration
  • Applicable to all SPECT imaging procedures
  • Lesion management and contouring

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“Our commitment to providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions for superior patient care throughout the healthcare system. “


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