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Partnerships - OEMs

OEM Information

Segami Corporation is a leading provider of NM software applications to a growing list of OEM accounts. We offer creative and flexible licensing agreements to minimize your risk and NRE. Please contact our business development manager or email to sales@segamicorp.com for more information.

Clinical Application Licensing

Segami Corporation has developed a full compliment of clinical applications for NM and multi-modality imaging. Our software architecture is such that individual applications can be tightly integrated with an OEM workstation on a Windows platform.

NM Acquisition Control

Segami Corporation has developed a proprietary hardware acquisition interface based on the PCI bus of a Windows PC. This interface handles both analog as well as digital data input formats. A complete acquisition interface software solution is available for all common acquisition and quality control procedures. The acquisition hardware and/or software can be tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Software Development

Segami Corporation can develop custom applications to your unique specifications. Based on our extensive library of clinical applications and algorithms, we can built an application with your corporate look and feel.

Listing of OEM Accounts

  • Agfa Healthcare Corp
  • CMR Naviscan Corp
  • DDD /Orbotech
  • Dilon Technologies, Inc
  • McKesson Medical Imaging Group
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