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Oasis - Neurology NeuroGam


NeuroGam is an optional quantitative analysis application for Brain Perfusion SPECT and PET studies. 

Key Features include:

  • Automatic elastic transformation into sterotactic atlas(Talairach)
  • Standardized orthogonal slice displays
  • Display functions: triangulation, window leveling, color-scale selection, slice alignment, cine controls, zoom, pan, magnify, colorize
  • Cortical perfusion mapping on 3D surface images
  • Comparison with Normals database for Tc99m-HMPAO (Ceretec), ECD and FDG studies available
  • Predefined structures, arterial terrains, and Broadmann areas for quantitative analysis
  • Automatic co-registration with MRI
  • Study comparison (baseline/activation, Diamox protocol, follow-up) with normalized subtraction displays
  • Compatibility with most acquisition protocols (matrix size)
  • Customized layouts through display scripts.
Oasis - Neurology CerSPECT​
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