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Oasis - Multi Modality

Segami offers a wide range of applications geared towards the processing and analysis of oncology examinations, including bone scans, tumour imaging, Pet imaging and Fusion Imaging.


In many clinical situations the total diagnostic value of the nuclear medicine procedure is enhanced by combining the functional images from SPECT or PET with the anatomical images from MR or CT. Segami has created unique applications that allow you to benefit from multi-modality practices in the areas of Oncology, Neurology, and Cardiology.

Fusion Technologies

Software-based fusion systems present an attractive and economic alternative to combined PET/CT or SPECT/CT scanners. Our implementation of both manual and automatic registration techniques are clinically effective and provide you with excellent results in an efficient way. Of course these applications can also be used with MR data or for single modality fusion, for example PET/PET.

Whole Body Display

Segami offers unique display capabilities for bone scintigraphy. Displays that shows whole body images in full resolution and are enhanced to more easily identify abnormalities while at the same time improving image quality. Special attention has been given to provide high quality hard copy on a wide range of film imagers and color printers.

PET/CT Image Registration

The capability to fuse data from PET and CT is of high clinical importance. Whole body PET studies are very sensitive in detecting and staging of malignant lesions. However PET studies provide little or no anatomical reference. CT studies on the other hand show all of the anatomy, but contain so much detail and information that lesions can be missed. Registration of the two studies gives the clinician the best of both worlds.

Quantification Tools

The ability to quantitate function is one of the great values of nuclear medicine procedures. Segami is on the forefront of developing such tools, like SUV analysis, 2D and 3D regions of interest.

Superior Displays

When it comes to the quality of image displays, Segami does not compromise. Dual high resolution digital color LCD monitors can be deployed in landscape or portrait mode to provide you with the clearest views of the slice data. An efficient UI implementation gives you access to a wealth of display tools, just one click away.


The Segami multi-modality viewing solutions provide you with seamless access to the source of the data. Our DICOM server functionality allows you to connect to any DICOM compliant workstation or PACS system to retrieve MR, CT, SPECT, and PET data.

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