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Multi-Modality Application

Hybrid Reconstruction

The Hybrid Reconstruction protocol is an advanced application for the iterative reconstruction of SPECT data with CTAC attenuation correction (separately acquired CT scan).

Features include:

  • Fast 3D OSEM implementation (GPU assisted)
  • Gaussian and other post filter options
  • User definable #subsets and #iterations
  • Fanbeam support
  • Resolution recovery (collimator de-blurring)
  • Scatter correction based on window subtraction technique
  • Attenuation correction using CT (hybrid or external)
  • Integration registration of emission to CT
  • Reorientation and masking of reconstructed volumes


The MIRegister protocol is an advanced application for automatic registration of tomography data using Mutual Information technique.

Features include:

  • Voxel intensity based algorithm (mutual information)
  • No need for anatomical landmarks
  • Applicable to any combination of PT, NM, CT and MR
  • Option to adjust field of view for registration
  • Linked series follow automatically (i.e.: register PT of PT/CT to MR and CT follows)
  • GPU assisted for fast performance
  • Save new pixel data or save transformation matrix
  • Selectable degrees of freedom (3,6,9, 12)
  • Applicable to any organ
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