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Oasis - Cardiology

Planar, Gated SPECT and PET

Segami offers clinical applications to cover the full spectrum of cardiac studies performed in nuclear medicine, including: Gated Bloodpool (MUGA), First Pass, Shunt Analysis, Myocardial Perfusion SPECT with perfusion and functional quantification, Cardiac PET Analysis, and Gated Bloodpool SPECT quantification.

Unique 3D Gated Displays

We have incorporated some unique displays that are optimized for the interpretation by cardiologists and other non-nuclear physicians. Using new 3D techniques, the functional data is presented in an attractive and anatomically correct format.

Maximum Clinical Utility

We are focussed on your results and provide you with tools that maximize the utility of each protocol. Extracting more from the same data provides you with more and better information for your diagnosis. For example: in addition to LV analysis we provide an RV analysis in our MUGA analysis as well. The addition of a phase and amplitude analysis in Cardiac Perfusion SPECT enhances the evaluation of LV function.

Clinical Validation

Our software is developed in collaboration with major institutions to assure meaningful and reliable results in all situations. Specific attention has been paid to make the software fast and easy to operate by technicians and physicians alike.

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