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Oasis - Cardiology Application

Gated Bloodpool Processing (MUGA)

The MUGA application performs a reliable and reproducible segmentation of the left ventricle in the LAO view of a planar gated bloodpool acquisition in order to compute an accurate ejection fraction(LVEF). Automatic regions of interest for ED, ES, and background can be overridden by manual drawing on the original using several enhanced images as reference. Various useful parameters are derived from the volume curve such as: peak filling rate, peak emptying rate, time to peak filling, and time to peak emptying.

Key features

  • Phase and amplitude analysis performed to assist in evaluation of LV and RV contraction
  • Useful parameters such as LV and RV modules are computed
  • Multi-harmonic report allows comparisons to be made between multiple studies. 
  • Up to 4 studies (time points) can be compared simultaneously
Gated Bloodpool Processing (MUGA)​
Gated Bloodpool Processing (MUGA) 1
Gated Bloodpool Processing (MUGA)​ 2
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