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Bones – Lung Quant

Gastric – PulmoGam

Renal – Liver

Salivary – Thyroid and Parathyroid

Sentinel – Node GI Bleed

Oasis Overview

  • Uniform reading and processing environment for all of your SPECT and PET cameras
  • Delivers the full spectrum of clinical NM and multi-modality applications
  • Flexible, concurrent licensing scheme
  • Efficient Client/Server architecture using a central data and application server
  • Client runs on standard (existing) PC hardware with OpenGL 2.0 acceleration
  • Designed as the NM complement of modern PACS systems
  • Secure remote access with viewing/processing privileges based on logon credentials
  • Tight integration of the most common third party applications
  • Obsolescence protection to the future regardless of changes in instrumentation down the road